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Area Agencies on Aging and Title VI Native American aging programs have significant reach, touching millions of people in an intense and personal manner. In 2005, services provided by the network to older adults and/or their caregivers included:

  • 36 million rides to doctor offices and other critical daily activities.
  • 20 million hours of in-home services to help elderly clients maintain independence.
  • 7 million hours of adult day care and health services for the older population.
  • 4 million hours of case management services for older clients and their caregivers.

Source: U.S. Administration on Aging, 2005 Annual Report


Courtney Baldridge n4a Corporate Relations 703-967-4994

n4a provides companies with opportunities to conduct market research, offer targeted training for sales staff, launch marketing campaigns, and much more.


Capitalizing on its vast network of aging experts, aging professionals, caregivers and consumers, n4a can offer your company a wide range of research programs and services.


Sponsorship and Advertising

n4a helps corporate partners increase their visibility and connection with the Aging Services Network while at the same time providing critical support to it.

Education, Training and Marketing

n4a can tailor education and training, as well as marketing opportunities, to assist our corporate partners. These include:

  • Education and training programs on topics such as aging sensitivity, workforce related issues, and marketing to the 50+ audience.
  • Direct mail or themed marketing packages acknowledging you as a corporate partner to our members (with no endorsement).
  • National programs, events and campaigns on key issues.

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“n4a provides business value and opportunity for companies to demonstrate leadership and support for the outstanding work being done by the Aging Services Network. Healthways is proud to continue our sponsorship and plan to return next year!”

Vicki Shepherd, Senior Vice President Strategic and Government Relations, Healthways

“Critical Signal Technologies, Inc. values its relationship and networking with n4a and the Area Agencies on Aging because of our similar missions to promote the health, security and well being of older adults.”

Marguerite Linteau, Executive Vice President Critical Signal Technologies, Inc.