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Spotlight on Innovations and Achievements: Area Agency on Aging of Dane County

Learn how this Wisconsin AAA developed a program that provides older adults participating in the AAA’s congregate nutrition program with the opportunity to dine at seven restaurants that offer a variety of menu options and dining times.

Interested in Contracting with Health Care? Check Out the Latest Blog Posts from the Business Institute

Is your agency thinking about contracting with health care entities to serve older adults in your community? Two new blog posts from n4a’s Aging and Disability Business Institute cover some of the foundational steps that AAAs can use to get started contracting with health care.

Help Us Learn More About How AAAs Have Responded to COVID-19 and Championed Equity

Over the past few weeks, AAAs have been sharing their experiences and innovations with us as part of n4a’s Future Directions poll. If you haven’t already, there’s still time for you to share your agency’s successes, challenges and needs to help n4a tell a more complete story of the many ways AAAs are supporting and improving life for older adults. But hurry, the poll closes today! Wondering about the types of responses we’ve received? Read on for details!

COVID-Relief Bill Poised for House Passage

A massive $1.9 trillion relief bill championed by the Biden Administration and congressional Democrats is expected to be approved by the House today, likely with few to no Republican votes. The package includes significant funds for the Older Americans Act, a one-year boost to federal contributions to Medicaid HCBS waivers and billions in relief for state and local governments.

Spotlight on Innovations and Achievements: Region IV Area Agency on Aging

Learn how this Michigan AAA pioneered a trailblazing regional partnership with health officials and housing authorities to develop and launch an opioid education and medication management program for older adults residing in senior housing complexes.

New Journal Article Links AAA Involvement in Evidence-Based Programs with Reduced Nursing Home Use

It is no surprise to AAA staff that their work has positive impacts across the community. A new article, Achieving Population Health Impacts Through Health Promotion Programs Offered by Community-based Organizations, published in the March 2021 issue of Medical Care, examined how AAA involvement in evidence-based programs was associated with reducing potentially avoidable nursing home use.

Spotlight on Innovations and Achievements: San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services

Learn how this California AAA worked with local Aging Network leaders to launch a public campaign to raise awareness of ageism, dispel negative stereotypes of older adults and connect residents with supportive services.

House Committees Advance COVID-19 Relief Priorities

It was a busy week in DC. While national attention was tuned into the Senate impeachment trial, the House was quickly advancing multiple COVID-relief bills. As our Wednesday Legislative Update details, n4a’s top priorities for OAA were included in the House Education and Labor bill. And today we expect another n4a priority—increasing the FMAP for Medicaid HCBS—will be approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Blueprint For Next COVID Relief Proposal Passes Congressional Hurdle—Advocacy Still Needed!

In the nascent hours of Friday morning, the Senate passed—by a vote of 51-50 with Vice President Harris as the tiebreaker—a resolution that sets the stage for the legislative production of the next coronavirus relief package. The House is expected to move swiftly today to advance the Senate’s $1.9 trillion budget resolution. But, it’s important to understand that Congress has not yet passed a dime of that $1.9 trillion—including for OAA or other important aging programs. That comes in the next act.

Spotlight on Innovations and Achievements: City of Seattle, Human Services Department, Seattle-King County AAA

Learn how this Washington AAA developed a mobile integrated health program that helps reduce the burden of non-emergency 911 calls on a local fire department and connects vulnerable older adults with the services and supports they need for stability.
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