FY 2017 Funding Bill Heads to President

The House and Senate voted this week to approve a $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the federal government for the remaining five months of the current fiscal year. The bill avoids many of the cuts to non-defense discretionary programs that the Trump Administration requested in March.

As detailed in n4a's May 1 Legislative Update and updated Appropriations Chart, there were some modest increases for aging services, including $2.5 million bump in funding for OAA Title III B Supportive Services, which is the first increase for III B services since sequestration cuts took effect thanks to n4a's targeted advocacy. OAA Title III nutrition services also saw modest increases, as well as the Elder Justice Initiative. Unfortunately, lawmakers approved a $5 million cut to the SHIP program and a $34 million cut to OAA Title V SCSEP.