Visit the Eldercare Locator's Redesigned Website

  • By: n4a
  • On: 11/09/2018 13:52:47
  • In: News
The Eldercare Locator has a new look! In addition to being mobile-friendly, the new makes it easy for visitors to find local resources—like AAAs and Title VI aging programs—with a new geographical search bar that appears at the top of every page. Read on to learn about other new features!

The newly redesigned also features a Caregiver Corner, a snapshot of some of the questions caregivers most often have when contacting the Eldercare Locator. A new “Learn More About” section provides information on important topics like transportation, support services, elder rights, housing, health, insurance and other benefits.
Take a look for yourself and visit And while you're there, make sure the Eldercare Locator database has the correct contact information for your agency. If you have any questions or need assistance in updating your information, please send an email to