January 22, 2018 Federal Policy Update

Update on Federal Shutdown

With the federal government shutdown well into the third day, n4a is monitoring events in Washington closely. 

As our Saturday Legislative Update indicated, in the final hours of Friday, the Senate was unable to advance the one-month continuing resolution (CR) passed by the House, setting the shutdown in motion. 

Senators worked throughout the weekend to negotiate a deal to re-open the government and address some of the related issues such as immigration. 

As of noon today, a deal has been reached! The Senate is moving to pass a revised continuing resolution which would run for three weeks (through February 8), one week shorter than the original CR. In exchange, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) agreed to bring immigration legislation to the Senate floor before the expiration of that next CR. 

At this point, we believe the new CR will easily pass the Senate, putting immediately pressure on the House to follow suit.

n4a will release a full Legislative Update later today, when we assume the Congress will have completed all votes and the President will have signed the measure into law. 


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