What's Working Series

"University Express" – Recruiting Volunteers through a Lifelong Learning Program
Learn how RSVP of Erie County, NY created and grew University Express, a unique lifelong learning program, to reach out to people in the target group of 55+ who might volunteer.

Gatekeeper Volunteers Identifying At-Risk Neighbors
Learn about the Gatekeeper Program, which provides outreach and training to the business community and other community groups to help identify at-risk seniors and adults with disabilities, linking them to critical social and health services.

Louisiana Senior Medicare Patrol - eQHealth Solutions, Baton Rouge
This program used newspaper “Letters to the Editor” opportunities to inform high functioning, civically engaged seniors about the Senior Medicare Patrol program and to recruit them for our volunteer corps. The effort doubled the number of volunteers.

Volunteers Win – Area Agency on Aging for Northeastern Vermont
The Equal Exchange TimeBank, modeled after TimeBank USA, allows members to post a need they seek to fill or search member posts to find qualified volunteers. Volunteers bank their hours served, earning “time dollars” towards a need they may have or to pass on to someone in need; everyone wins!

COVE Savvy Seniors – Community of Vermont Elders

The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) uses volunteer teams to provide statewide education, including resource information and assistance, to community members regarding health care, fraud, consumer issues and other mishaps. It was transformed from lecture format to a more-engaging theatrical format with skits and actors.

Knox County RSVP Program Management – Generations
The 25 members of the RSVP Advisory Council play not just an active role, but a vital role, in program management and serve as either a station supervisor or program coordinator. They ensure that the 300 plus RSVP volunteers have rewarding and meaningful experiences.

Livin’ the Good Life Cable Access Show – Beverly Council on Aging and Senior Community Center
Volunteers produce a monthly cable access tv show by developing topics, recruiting and vetting the guests, working the cameras and video boards and editing and producing each show. They are celebrating their 5th anniversary of the show this May.

Integrating Volunteer Programs – Fairfax County AAA
Three county agencies of northern Virginia who are all serving older adults and adults with disabilities consolidated their volunteer programs into one strong and diverse program. With their streamlined processes and shared resources, they have developed a well-trained corps of volunteers.

Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey – Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey
Caregiver’s focus has been on attracting/appealing to baby boomer volunteers by respecting and tapping into their professional skills and abilities. Their goal has been to open up opportunities to include special projects and leadership roles rather than the historically pre-determined, often more-rigid roles.

Friends in School Helping (FISH) – Jefferson Area Board for Aging (JABA)
Friends in Schools Helping (FISH), an intergenerational tutoring and informal mentoring program for elementary-aged students designed to help close the achievement gap, was created by JABA and is coordinated by an all-volunteer team of adults aged 50+.

Comprehensive Volunteer Handbook Strengthens the Foundation of a Volunteer Program
Loudoun County’s perspective has been that a comprehensive volunteer handbook serves as an essential guidebook in volunteer orientation. The handbook represents the agency’s mission, expectations and commitment to volunteer placement and supervision, which they have found to facilitate effective service delivery.

Ye Olde Breakfast Shoppe-Rochester Council on Aging
Breakfast Shoppe is a Monday through Friday 7-9 a.m. Community Breakfast Program at the Rochester Senior Center run jointly by the FRIENDS of the Rochester Senior Center and Rochester Lions Club. It operates solely with volunteers who do the purchasing, cooking, serving and clean-up.