Diversity Resources


As the country’s population of older adults grows it is rapidly becoming increasingly diverse. According to the U.S. Administration on Aging, the number of minority older adults is expected to rise by 217 percent in the coming decades. The increasing diversity of the nation’s aging population poses new opportunities and challenges for the Aging Network as it looks to:

  • Ensure that staff and programs are culturally competent;
  • Increase the number of leaders and staff who reflect the diversity of the clients served by the Aging Network; and
  • Tackle health disparities among older adults.
In response to these challenges and opportunities, n4a's President Kathy Boles created a Diversity Task Force in 2017 to support members as they strive to meet the needs of a more diverse population of older adults and develop a workforce that mirrors the people they serve.

Resources If you would like to contribute resources, or have any questions about the diversity initiative, please contact info@n4a.org.