Answers on Aging: Financial Exploitation


n4a is pleased to team up with Wells Fargo Advisors on the Answers on Aging™ Financial Exploitation initiative. According to recent reports, financial exploitation costs older adults about $36 billion annually and is becoming the fastest growing type of elder abuse in the nation. What makes financial abuse especially disturbing is that it not only robs older adults of money and property, it can also rob them of the precious ability to remain independent in their homes and communities. 

Because our mission and that of our member Area Agencies on Aging is built on providing older adults with the resources to maintain their dignity and independence, this program is especially relevant. As part of this initiative, we recently launched a national public education campaign to spread awareness of this problem and to provide older adults, families and other caregivers with the resources and tools to avoid being the target of financial exploitation scams. 
The centerpiece of the campaign is a consumer brochure that provides helpful tips and resources and can be ordered by aging professionals in bulk.

The program also features an “information hub"  that provides convenient access to a comprehensive range of resources on this important topic. 


Joellen Leavelle, Director, Communications