National Partnership with First Advantage

n4a is excited to announce our **partnership with *First Advantage (formerly LexisNexis), a world-leading provider of comprehensive background screening services, to provide background screening services for your employment and volunteer positions. (pricing table and FAQs at the bottom)


With the beginning of the Aging Network’s Volunteer Collaborative in 2010, a network-wide civic engagement assessment, including local and state programming, was conducted to determine what organizations are facing as major challenges to being willing and able to engage more volunteers in their missions.  One of the top challenges was the hurdle of risk management, and specifically the time and cost involved in background checks and screening.

In partnership with NASUAD, the Volunteer Collaborative has vetted numerous risk management vendors and now entered into an agreement with First Advantage, a national provider of comprehensive background screening services, to leverage premier-level services through web-based tools at a discounted rate – in some cases almost 80 percent off typical rates.


The benefits to this new opportunity are three-fold:

  1. Reduce Costs. There is no cost to sign up and no monthly fee—you only pay for the searches you perform.  And the searches you perform will be at a reduced cost to normal screening rates. Choose from seven pre-packaged options, a la carte searches and you can even create your own customized screening packages.
  2. Reduce Your Agency’s/Title VI Program’s Administrative Burden.  By participating, you will be able to reduce your agency’s administrative burden on the time and energy involved in this screening process and focus that time on more mission-driven goals and necessities.
  3. Choice: This is Optional Service.  While we have established a national partnership with First Advantage, your agency’s/Title VI Program’s participation is not required.  Some organizations will legally be unable to participate due to government requirements or state-wide policies that have their own guidelines (i.e. COG, local SHIP programs that must defer to state policies, etc.). First Advantage and the Aging Network’s Volunteer Collaborative are happy to offer and coordinate informational webinars or connect you with the answers you might need.

First Advantage documents:

FCRA Resource Information Packet
First Advantage Price List for n4a

For additional information, contact Peter Lane, Director, Leadership and Volunteer Development.