Leadership Institute

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level!

Today’s leaders know that in order to be successful they need to adopt new ways of thinking, new skills and new tools. Leaders in the Aging Network are no different—the growth in the number of older adults presents us with unprecedented opportunities and challenges. As a result, the Aging Network must tap into the full potential of its diverse and passionate leaders to navigate the changing landscape. The n4a Leadership Institute is just the experience to help you do that!

Each year attendees develop new skills to:
  • Increase effectiveness when working with teams and partners
  • Bring intention and commitment to addressing challenges
  • Act strategically and with confidence
  • Stay refreshed and energized for the long-haul
Leadership Institute atendees are invited to participate in special events, including alumni network activities throughout the year as well as a special follow-up session at the n4a Annual Conference.

At the intensive 2.5 day session in February, attendees:
  • Complete a leadership self-assessment
  • Learn new ways to communicate effectively
  • Develop your toolbox for creative problem-solving and planning
  • Network with peers and leaders from the Aging Network
After the session, attendees continue to develop thier leadership skills with the support of:
  • A small peer learning group
  • Alumni webinars on critical leadership topics
  • A special workshop at the n4a Annual Conference in July
  • A luncheon and panel discussion for all alumni of the Leadership Institute

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About the Institute

The Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center
Washington, DC

Doug Krug, co-founder of Enlightened Leadership Solutions and author of The Missing Piece in Leadership, personally leads this breakthrough transformation-in-thinking workshop process, which was part of the MBA Program at Johns Hopkins University for 15 years.

Next Leadership Institute:
  • February 19-21, 2020

The Institute is open to n4a members only. Questions? Contact Maggie Cheung at mcheung@n4a.org or 202.872.0888.