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It's All About Me
SeniorAge AAA | Springfield, MO
Help older adults in your community take steps to assure that their trusted family and friends know what matters to them. This detailed workbook guides older adults and their families in recording information related to life events and provides information on collecting social, health and financial information—and what steps older adults want taken when and if they need help. By asking “Where are important documents kept?” “Where are the keys to the safe?” and “How should I distribute personal property respectfully?” the workbook provides the gift of information (and so much more we often don’t think about)—all in one document.
Purchase digital rights to this workbook, market it to your agency partners for distribution, then you can print and sell or distribute at a price you choose.
Product website: https://senioragemo.org/resources/print-resources/its-all-about-me-workbook.
To learn more about the product, contact:
Juli Jordan at juli.jordan@senioragemo.org or (417) 868-9523. 

LGBT Elder Cultural Competency Training Program
ElderSource | Jacksonville, FL
LGBT seniors face the typical challenges of aging, however, because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, they are at a higher risk for abuse, isolation, discrimination and exploitation. LGBT elders are five times less likely to access services then non-LGBT seniors.
ElderSource (a AAA), through its Institute, created the LGBT Elder Cultural Competency Training Program to fill an educational gap for professionals who work with older adults, helping them to better understand key concepts, vocabulary, and the many barriers faced by older adults in the LGBT community. This is a 1-1.5 hour informative and interactive online training. Participants will gain the tools they need to confidently and comfortably work with and care for LGBT seniors.
Current n4a Members will receive a discount on the training and may also purchase the Training Package at a reduced rate.
Product website: https://www.eldersourceinstitute.org/lgbt-n4adiscount.
To learn more about the product, contact:
Linda Levin at linda.levin@myeldersource.org or (904) 391-6610.