Join the Movement to Help Make Medicare
Easier to Understand

n4a is a proud supporter of National Medicare Education Week, Sept. 15 – 21, which has the goal of helping Medicare beneficiaries, their families and caregivers make confident, informed Medicare decisions—just in time for Medicare Open Enrollment, which starts one month later (Oct. 15 – Dec. 7). This campaign perfectly aligns with the work AAAs already do to educate consumers about Medicare and offers additional tools to make your outreach easier and more successful.

Since 2012, National Medicare Education Week has:
  • Engaged with thousands of consumers to answer their Medicare questions and provide Medicare information
  • Hosted more than 150 in-person educational events per year in communities across the country
  • Received mayoral proclamations nationwide naming Sept. 15 – 21 National Medicare Education Week in their communities
The momentum continues—this year's National Medicare Education Week is set to be another big success! But we need you with us.

Here’s what you can do:
  • Hold an educational event in your community. We’ve gathered everything you need in our Medicare Education Toolkit. It’s all downloadable and ready to use.
  • Post on your social media accounts. Use the Social Media Toolkit we have delveloped to get started.
National Medicare Education Week is part of UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Made Clear™ initiative, which was created to make Medicare easier to understand. Learn more about Medicare by visiting or

Medicare Education Toolkit

Medicare Guide
This “at-a-glance” tool offers basic information and next steps. It’s good for consumers who need basic information to get started.

Participation Handout
Give this to participants to capture their questions and notes during the event.

Participant evaluation
Take advantage of this tool to get feedback on your event. Give it to participants along with the handout at the beginning of the meeting, and collect completed forms as participants leave.
Directional signage
Place this signage around the building to direct participants to the meeting room.