We devote our energy to advocating on behalf of our members at the national level, providing education, training and technical assistance, public policy and advocacy advancement and numerous other activities to support our mission.

Sandy Markwood, Chief Executive Officer,


Amy E. Gotwals, Chief, Public Policy and External Affairs,
Autumn Campbell, Senior Director, Public Policy and Advocacy,
Joellen Leavelle, Director, Communications,
Rebecca Levine, Membership and Outreach Coordinator,
Rory Daly, Communications Assistant,


Geoffrey Martiny, Chief Financial Officer,
Martin Kleffner
, Director, Operations,
Maggie Cheung
Executive Management and Events Coordinator,
Jacqueline Quarles
, Office Assistant,


Beth Blair, Senior Research Associate,
Brenda Luna Macedo, Program Assistant,

Aging and Disability Business Institute
Marisa Scala-Foley
, Director,
Karol Tapias, Deputy Director,
Maya Op de Beke, Program Manager,

Community Capacity Building
Meredith Eisenhart Hanley
, Director, 

Karon Phillips, Program Manager,

National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC)
Virginia Dize
, Director, Transportation, n4a and Co-Director, NADTC,
Melissa Gray
, Assistant Director, Transportation, n4a and Senior Program Manager, NADTC
Heather Edmonds
, Program Associate,

Eldercare Locator
Sara Tribe-Clark, Director,​
John E. Gonzales
, Program Coordinator, Information Technology and Analytics,
Jasmine Ng, Program Coordinator, Information and Referral Systems,
Carlos Dávila
, Senior Enhanced Services Specialist,

Kayleigh Harris, Enhanced Services Specialist,
Danita Gregory, Information Specialist,
Timothy Platte,
Information Specialist,
Ashanti Freeland, Information Specialist,
Natasha Shelton, Information Specialist,
Bryanna Grier, Information Specialist,
Meera Ammu, Information Specialist,
Edgar Ayala, Information Specialist,​
Jacob Leibowitz, Information Specialist,
Rodney Tyson, Information Specialist,
Trinell Church, Information Specialist,
Natasha Pearson, Information Specialist,
Ishante Melson
, Information Specialist,
Jordan Owens
, Information Specialist,

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